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In today’s world of impersonalized customer support, Bowman's Solutions strives to be out of the ordinary. Bowman's Mailing Solutions is an organization that was founded and built on exceptional customer service. When contacting Bowman's Mailing Solutions by phone, you’ll be greeted by a live customer service associate, not the challenge of navigating an automated phone system in search of the right person to assist you. Our solutions are backed by a total satisfaction guarantee.


A unique vendor in the marketplace, Bowman's Mailing Solutions is large enough to meet the requirements of any size mailer without the corporate giant customer experience. You're more than just an account number with Bowman's Mailing Solutions.


Now... there’s someone in the mailing industry that’s easy to do business with!


Please refer to our FAQ section to find the answer to common questions! Remember, you can always call or contact our office for personal service!


Need supplies? Please go to our Supplies Page and order online! Of course, you can simply call us and we can help you immediately! Contact info on our Contact Page!


We are always ready to help with any service or support issue you encounter. Please go to the Support Page for more information. And, as always, you can Contact Us anytime.

  • I did not purchase rate protection. How do I update my equipment if there is a rate change??
    We are happy to help you obtain the software you need to update your machine. Either fill out a contact form or contact us directly: Phone - St. Louis dial (636) 227-1090 or Mid-Missouri dial (573) 303-3450 Email -
  • What do I do when I'm locked out?
    USPS requires audit or postal inspection every 90 day Funds button, drop down menu postal inspection, then confirm , transaction should so say transaction successful. Error for franking machine: Power cycle the machine
  • I would like to order new or additional equipment. Who should I contact?
    You should contact your sales specialist at your nearest Bowman's Solution office. Contact us here
  • I recently ordered new equipment. How long will it take to arrive?
    Please allow 15 business days for your equipment to arrive. If you need additional information regarding the status of your order, Please contact us.
  • I have an "error" message on my machine! What should I do?"
    Power down machine from the power source, wait 30 seconds, and restart. That should do the trick. If you need further help, please contact us and let us know!
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