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Bowman’s is an organization that was founded in 1978 and built on exceptional customer service in the mailing/shipping industry.


In today’s world of impersonalized customer support, Bowman's Solutions strives to be out of the ordinary.


In today’s world of impersonalized customer support, Bowman's Solutions strives to be out of the ordinary. Bowman’s is an organization that was founded in 1978 and built on exceptional customer service. When contacting Bowman’s by phone, you’ll be greeted by a real person who is there to take care of your needs. We understand our customers' time is very important and we will not expose our valued customers to the challenges of navigating an automated phone system in search of the right person to assist you. 

Our solutions are backed by a total satisfaction guarantee. A unique vendor in today’s marketplace. Bowman’s is large enough to meet the requirements of any size mailer without the corporate giant customer experience. You are more than just an account number with us. Now... there is someone in the mailing-shipping industry that’s easy to do business with!

For all businesses – small or large, local or global – every customer interaction is critical. Today, a business transaction is much more than that – it is an opportunity to make a meaningful connection. A moment to make a positive impact on someone’s life. It’s an opportunity to turn a customer into a brand advocate — a chance to create a customer for a lifetime. 

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Steve and Kim Bowman

Owners, Bowman's Solutions

Our Story


We believe every Bowman’s employee is empowered to make a difference in our business. Our company, customers, and teams thrive when each employee – regardless of position – takes ownership, acts to serve our valued customers, and creatively responds to our changing world.

  •  We are adventurous.

  •  Creative and open-minded.

  •  We embrace and drive change.

  •  We act with knowledge, trust, and confidence, and do whatever it takes, to better serve our customers.

Steve Bowman,

More About Steve >


In January 2017 Steve Bowman took over the company as a sole proprietorship, after spending 27 years with the previous owner as GM.  While working for the previous owner he gained a wealth of knowledge and expansive personal experience with customers.

Steve has been married for 29+ years and has 4 grown children. Born and bred in the St. Louis area and now resides with his wife Kimberly and 2 Pomsky’s (Samson & Delilah) in the Jefferson County area.  While faith and family are at the forefront of his life, he understands giving back are of the utmost importance in everyday life and strives to do that each way he is able.

Marty Loeffler,
Sales and Operations

More About Marty >


Marty leads, trains, develops, and coordinates the sales division and operations of Bowman’s Solutions. His 20 plus years of business experience in day to day operations and understanding business processes, efficiencies. Being a previous business owner allows him to have a unique and valuable understanding from the perspective of a C-Level executive, as well as from the clients point of view.

At the center of his personal world, is his family and his faith. Packed evenings and weekends with his wife and three kids, the #1 thing that he and his family like to do is travel. They enjoy Mexico to Disney, or pretty much anywhere on the globe!

Adam Bowman,
Account Manager

More About Adam >


Adam is an A+ 2019 graduate of Maryville University with a degree in Sports Business Management. When not working he enjoys working out, playing golf, watching sports in his free time, hanging out with lifelong buddies, and giving his Dad a hard time!!! 

Has been with Bowman's Solutions since January of 2017, first as the social media coordinator, now as an Accounts Manager. He loves helping clients grow their business by becoming more efficient and helping solve pain points they are currently experiencing.

Eric Johnson,
Service Technician

More About Eric >


Eric has been employed at Bowman’s Solutions since January 2014, as the Mid-Missouri service technician.


A devoted family man, Eric currently resides in Centralia, Missouri with Emily and their 3 children. He also enjoys the adrenaline-filled sport of racing cars and all that consists of.

Kimberly Bowman,
HR Administrator

More About Kim >


Kim retired from AT&T in March 2020 after 31 years and became more of a fulltime fixture and all-around "gopher" at Bowman. She is the voice of the company when you call and is happy to help you with any need.  


Kim enjoys scrapbooking, photography, hosting weekend retreats for her girlfriends, and has developed a love for the gym. She also is dedicated to Bowman's charitable work.

Melinda Carrillo
Office Manager

More About Melinda >


Melinda believes God opened the door at Bowman's and she simply walked through it!


Melinda has been Bowman's Solutions' Office Manager since January 2018. As an Air Force daughter, Melinda has lived and grown up in all sorts of places. which helped instill core values like honesty, integrity, and compassion in her life.


She is passionate about a number of things, volunteering being a current primary love. In fact, her driving force is love... for others, for animals, for nature, for a lifetime.

So far, this chapter has been nothing less than amazing!!! 

Not Pictured:

Ian Remsbecker | Service Technician 

Ian started with Bowman's Solutions in 2001. He is a resident of Jefferson County where he lives with his wife Rebecca and 3 children. Ian has an avid interest in electronics

Our Staff


 At Bowman's Solutions, we believe in giving back!

While we recognize that there are a multitude of worthy organizations, we focus on those that near and dear to our staff's heart. Among them are:  

Our Daily Bread

One Heart Family Ministries

Orphan Outreach

Seckman High School - DECA

Canterbury Enterprises

Backpack for Foster Kids

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Bowman's Give Back
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