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Bowman's is committed to providing quality products that ensure mobile and web app security while keeping maintenance costs low. Hosted in one of the most secure data centers in the world, we follow security best practices to make sure that your sensitive data remains encrypted and securely stored, eliminating the need for expensive on-premise hosting infrastructure.​

Web Tracking System (WTS)

  • Increase reliability with full visibility

    • In order to respond quickly to internal inquiries, a complete view of your internal delivery process is essential. WTS enables you to locate a package as well as trace its movement history all from your desktop or mobile app. With WTS, mailroom staff spend less time resolving Proof of Delivery disputes and have the necessary tools to take control over the complete chain of custody. Increased reliability, predictable service levels and higher customer satisfaction serves to elevate your mailroom’s value within the organization.

  • Gain storage space and save time

    • WTS enables you to both classify and plan internal deliveries in advance, reducing any unnecessary repeated journeys throughout the day. Planning deliveries ahead helps you to utilize your mailroom space more effectively. Having more rapid delivery/pickup turnaround cycles reduces storage space, costs, and processing time. WTS has helped companies around the world improve employee satisfaction by creating a cleaner and safer working environment.

  • Keep configuration costs at a bare minimum

    • Available as a cloud-based software solution, WTS comes equipped with a rich list of features. It’s easily configurable to fit your organization's workflow and business requirements, so you can get up and running quickly without investing in additional professional services. Quadient invests continuously to enrich WTS with valuable new features so that our customers can easily adapt themselves to changing demands of their industries.

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Enhanced Mailing and Shipping (EMS)


  • EMS has the most extensive set of analytical tools and reports in the market to help you save money, eliminate waste, and maximize the delivery process.

    • Shape Up Advisor analyzes mail center operations and identifies where money can be saved. Plus, it pinpoints departments that are the biggest spenders.

    • Advisor™ reports help analyze your company's shipping operations and offer advice on ways to reduce costs. 

    • PAR™ reports a package's route and delivery status. This powerful program is set-up with trigger emails that automatically send a delivery status to recipients.

    • What if Report provides an analysis of actual usage by the carrier, including surcharges and fees. It also guides users to cost-saving alternatives.

  • EMS provides support for complete company identities, allowing the shipper to process for multiple divisions, clients, or customers. This powerful feature creates a separate return address and discrete billing based on carrier account numbers, which saves accounting time and increases accuracy. It is indispensable for third-party logistics providers (3PL).

  • Database Interchange (DBI) enhanced options

    • DBI is an integration tool that allows users to map and exchange data between fields of ODBC-compliant databases and the EMS database. This feature enables faster processing while virtually eliminating error-prone, illegible, handwritten information. 

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