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Addressing Software

Increase mail processing efficiency while providing detailed spending reports with our mailing systems, postage machines, and meter systems.

BCC Bulk Mailer


Formerly Satori then Quadient Bulk Mailer, now owned

and distributed by BCC Software.


Bulk Mailer software is typically used in conjunction with mail printers when preparing discount-eligible direct mail (USPS® Marketing Mail®).


BCC Bulkmailer can:

  • Import various types of address files

  • Reformat addresses according to USPS® standards (e.g. proper abbreviations)

  • -Attempt to correct misspellings and add required information that may be missing (e.g. ZIP+4 code)

  • Verify addresses are valid and complete

  • Download new addresses for recipients who have moved

  • Output addresses to a mail printer in USPS® presort order & print all required documentation for acceptance by the Post Office

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mColor RIP & Workflow

mc color.jpeg

In simple terms, mColor is color management software. mColor is based on Harlequin® RIP (raster image processor), a well-known technology in the professional printing industry. The chief goal of mColor is to get predictable and repeatable standardization of color.

mColor key functionality includes:

  • Clearer print with more vivid, better defined colors compared to printing with the standard printer driver

  • Spot color matching via PMS (Panatone Matching System) number (e.g. the exact shade of green for the Quadient logo is PMS 368 C)

  • Ability to adjust CMYK (4-color process printing that combines cyan, magneta, yellow and black ink) photos and graphics prior to printing (e.g. lighten, darken, convert to black and white, etc.)

  • Built-in ICC media profiles that promote color fidelity when printing on different types of paper (e.g. plain, matte, glossy, etc.)

  • Workflow productivity – submit, manage and preview jobs from any computer connected to your local area network

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